Forms, Flyers, & Maps

Here is a link to our NCRA Facebook page:


Here are some important forms, as well as some flyers announcing our events:


Here is a flyer for our upcoming Colonial Encampment – Feel free to print it out and display it anywhere: 

2022 CE Flyer web publishable

Here is our NCRA Membership Form:

NCRA Membership Form New 10 28 2019

Here is our downloadable Colonial Encampment Registration Form:

2022 Colonial Encampment Registration Form web publishable

Here is a printable copy of our NCRA Trifold Brochure:

NCRA Trifold Brochure final draft send to board

Here are two Google maps to our Colonial Encampment Event:

This map shows I-5 heading South below Olympia.  Tun right off of I-5 onto Hwy 12 heading West.  Then turn right turn onto Moon Road heading North.  Then turn right onto Gate Road SW.  heading East.  Stay on Gate Road SW over the RR tracks and proceed to the right turn onto the driveway of 11405 Gate Road SW heading South.  Keep going straight, and slowly, on the gravel road past the house on your left, continuing on the dirt road until you arrive at our CE parking lot in the hay field.  Our campground is just a bit further to the South and around the bend in that field.,+Olympia,+WA+98512/@46.8466096,-123.043982,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x54917d29f8ce03fb:0x33cd61db0d7aeb2d

Here is a close up view of that same map:,+Olympia,+WA+98512/@46.8380381,-123.1250491,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x54917d29f8ce03fb:0x33cd61db0d7aeb2d

Here is a link to  a copy of our exciting Bylaws! :

NCRA Bylaws aug09

2 Responses to Forms, Flyers, & Maps

  1. Emryss Arwyn Roherynath says:


    I find it interesting and rather funny that I discover your group now, when we are planning to move back to New England! We are “on the Hunt” for a house, while we wait out the winter weather and the annoying illnesses that come with it.
    I look forward to looking through the pictures that you post. Alas, most of our funds are being channelled towards our upcoming move, and so, we are very limited on doing much here. 🙁
    Again, I am very glad to learn of your group and may all of you have a wonderful Holiday and Bright Blessings for the New Year.

  2. wylin says:

    Thanks so much Emryss Arwyn Roherynath! We are very sorry to be loosing you to New England 🙁 If you ever make it back this way again please do come to one of our events as we would love to meet you. 🙂

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