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Here is a link to our NCRA Facebook page:

Here is the contact Information for our NCRA President Stephen Pierce

Cell Phone – 425-773-0097

E-mail –

Facebook –


Here is the contact Information for our  NCRA Vice President, and CE Mayor, Mark Curtis

Cell phone – 253-678-5343

E-mail –


And for our NCRA Director at Large, David Rieve,

Cell Phone –

E-mail –


And for our NCRA Treasurer, Hilda Tjoelker,

Phone – 360-988-0404

E-mail –

Mailing Address –

4950 Reese Hill Rd

Sumas, WA  98295

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And for our NCRA Secretary, Wylin Tjoelker,

Phone – 360-988-0404

E-mail –

Mailing Address –

4950 Reese Hill Rd

Sumas, WA  98295


13 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Roger Gary says:

    Great job Wylin!
    This web-site is just what we needed, especially since I’m in one of the first photos!

  2. david crider says:

    i would like to join. How do I start the process?

  3. Kristine Huiskens says:

    I would really like to know when your upcoming events are past what this website shows. I would like to start getting involved but with my very busy schedule it requires me to plan way in advance. Would it be possible to find out the what, where, and when of events for this next coming year? In so far as they have been planned? Thanks

    • wylin says:

      Hello Kristine,

      I am not aware of any events upcoming in the near future but we will have a table at the Monroe Gun Show in March, 2016 and our colonial Encampment will during the last full weekend in July. check back on our Events page as we will provide more detailed information as it becomes available

  4. Jim Hansen says:

    I’ve just found your website and would like very much to make your acquaintance. My wife are rather new at this sort of thing but have some experience with fur trade era rendezvous. Our interest clearly lies in the 18th century colonial period. Please tell me how we may be included in your events.


    Jim Hansen

    • wylin says:

      Greetings Jim Hansen,

      Welcome aboard! We would love to meet you at one of our events. Just check our upcoming events page and you should find all you need to participate in one of those events. If you would like to contact one of the event organizers you can sometimes find their contact info in the event description or, if not, then check out our “Contacts” page.

      All the best to you and your’s,


  5. Ben Carlos says:

    Hi, recently (4yrs) moved to Southeastern Idaho, looking for events.

  6. Ben Carlos says:

    Hi, recently (4 yrs) moved to Southeastern Idaho, looking for events & people to hook up with.
    Your H’ble & O’dnt Srevant
    Ben Carlos

  7. Kimala Coleman says:

    Thanks, I know some of your members through WPS and am interested in your events!

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