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Here is a link to our NCRA Facebook page:

Here is the contact Information for our NCRA President Stephen Pierce

Cell Phone – 425-773-0097

E-mail –

Facebook –


Here is the contact Information for our  NCRA Vice President, and CE Mayor, Tricia Barton

Cell phone –


And for our NCRA Director at Large, David Rieve,

Cell Phone –

E-mail –


And for our NCRA Treasurer, Hilda Tjoelker,

Phone – 360-988-0404

E-mail –

Mailing Address –

4950 Reese Hill Rd

Sumas, WA  98295

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And for our NCRA Secretary, Wylin Tjoelker,

Phone – 360-988-0404

E-mail –

Mailing Address –

4950 Reese Hill Rd

Sumas, WA  98295


28 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Roger Gary says:

    Great job Wylin!
    This web-site is just what we needed, especially since I’m in one of the first photos!

  2. david crider says:

    i would like to join. How do I start the process?

  3. Kristine Huiskens says:

    I would really like to know when your upcoming events are past what this website shows. I would like to start getting involved but with my very busy schedule it requires me to plan way in advance. Would it be possible to find out the what, where, and when of events for this next coming year? In so far as they have been planned? Thanks

    • wylin says:

      Hello Kristine,

      I am not aware of any events upcoming in the near future but we will have a table at the Monroe Gun Show in March, 2016 and our colonial Encampment will during the last full weekend in July. check back on our Events page as we will provide more detailed information as it becomes available

  4. Jim Hansen says:

    I’ve just found your website and would like very much to make your acquaintance. My wife are rather new at this sort of thing but have some experience with fur trade era rendezvous. Our interest clearly lies in the 18th century colonial period. Please tell me how we may be included in your events.


    Jim Hansen

    • wylin says:

      Greetings Jim Hansen,

      Welcome aboard! We would love to meet you at one of our events. Just check our upcoming events page and you should find all you need to participate in one of those events. If you would like to contact one of the event organizers you can sometimes find their contact info in the event description or, if not, then check out our “Contacts” page.

      All the best to you and your’s,


  5. Ben Carlos says:

    Hi, recently (4yrs) moved to Southeastern Idaho, looking for events.

  6. Ben Carlos says:

    Hi, recently (4 yrs) moved to Southeastern Idaho, looking for events & people to hook up with.
    Your H’ble & O’dnt Srevant
    Ben Carlos

  7. Kimala Coleman says:

    Thanks, I know some of your members through WPS and am interested in your events!

  8. Donna Cole says:

    Our 5th graders will soon start the Revolutionary War unit. Does anyone in your group do school visits?

    And where do I find upcoming events in the area to share with students and their families?

    Thank you!

    Donna Cole
    Edison School
    Bow, WA

    • wylin says:

      Greetings Donna! Yes, I am willing to visit your school. Please feel free to email me at so we can communicate further about this. For our upcoming events check our “Upcoming Events” tab on our website. We would love to meet you, your students and their families at one of our events 🙂

      All the best,


  9. Bonnie Stafford says:

    I am looking for a group who would be willing to do an interactive demonstration at a Boy Scouts of America event. Please let me kniw if this is something you might be interested in helping with. The event is being held at BSA Camp Pigott in September.

    • wylin says:

      Greetings Bonnie,
      We would be honored to do an interactive demonstration for your scouts. Please email me at so we can talk further about this. 🙂

      All the best to you and your scouts,

      Wylin Tjoelker NCRA Secretary

  10. Hi, If you have families looking for somewhere to stay while attending the Northwest Colonial Festival, we have just completed our vacation rental, less than 2 miles from Washington Lavender. We attended last year and had a wonderful time and plan to attend again. I am a retired home economist with a degree in textiles and clothing, and a background in costume design. I would also like to volunteer to help if anyone has a “costume emergency.” 🙂

    • wylin says:

      Helo Joleen,

      Thanks so much for the info about a place to stay for our reenactors at the NCF. I will pass this info along to our reenactors. And thank you also for your offer of costume help. I will pass that along as well. 🙂


  11. Hello! It was wonderful to see you all at the NW Colonial Festival at the George Washington Inn last month! A friend of mine attended the festival and spent some quality time with the printers who came from Utah with the Isaiah Thomas press. She saw some printed items and wonders if any of them are available for sale. Is it possible to have the printers contact me? I would like to purchase the paper my friend saw for her. Thank you!

    • wylin says:

      Hello Priscilla,

      The printers name is Gov Allen. I don’t have his contact info but they might come up for the next NW Colonial Festival. Please check out our “Upcoming Events” tab for more opportunities to meet our reenactors. 🙂

      Wylin NCRA Secretary

  12. Larinda Malm-Nelsen says:

    Hello, I am interested in becoming involved, but have never done anything like this.. may you contact me? thank you.. we live in Eugene Oregon

    • wylin says:

      Hello Larinda,

      Yes, Feel free to email me at and I may be able to help with what questions you might have. also check out our website’s “Helpful Links” tab. 🙂

      Wylin NCRA Secretary

  13. Brin Jackson says:

    I am interested to learn more about your group, particularly how older women fit into the group (I’m 60), and hope to participate in events near me – Port Angeles is most likely. I live on a Gulf Island in British Columbia. If you can help me get started, I’d appreciate it!

    • wylin says:

      Hello Brin,

      Thanks for your interest in reenacting! Check out our website’s “Helpful Links” tab. There are many helpful resources to be found there. 🙂

      Wylin NCRA Secretary

  14. John Anderson says:


    My name is John Anderson and I live in Marysville, WA. I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force Band of Europe. I have tried to form a Fife and Drum Corps before, and because of other duties (raising kids, working as a teacher) I had to give up.

    I would like to base the Fife and Drum Corps as part of the Washington Life Guards (for Washington State!). They wore blue with white facing uniforms, and the usual for the Fife and Drums was to have the opposite colors (white with blue facing). BTW, they adopted those uniforms later in the revolution. I have several period fifes, and I am considering purchasing one or two rope tension drums on my own to get started.

    My question is: could we be a part of your encampment? And would any of your members be interested in marching with us? We would need a color guard of 4 people (two rifles and two flag bearers). It would also be great to have a squad or company of infantry behind them.

    • wylin says:

      Greetings Mr. Anderson!

      We would be delighted to have you as part of our encampment! And I’m sure many of our members would be quite interested in marching with you. (I know I would) You may also meet colonial musicians who share your interests at our encampment. Please check out our upcoming events tab of our website for more information on our fantastic encampment. We shall greatly look forward to meeting you soon!

      All the best to you Sir,

      Wylin Tjoelker NCRA Secretary

  15. Michelle Martin says:

    We have a 14x 18 sun forged flame retardant tent forsale with all the accessories. Was wondering if you had any interest. It has only been used 2 times. Cost new is 2540.50 for everything. Please tell us what you would offer and if there is any interest. We are in Grants Pass.

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