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2018 Colonial Encampment Registration Form

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  1. Karen White says:

    Hello, I and several other ladies and a few children are planning on attending the Sequim Colonial Encampment at the George Washington Inn on August 9th-11th. We have a large camper we are using for the event. My husband and I are members of the NWCR, and my friend Pam Erickson is now, or will soon be a member of DAR. Our daughter Laura and her two children and a friend, Beverly and her daughter and three sons would also love to camp with us in the camper and help in any way they can,(such as helping Karla Morgan with the Children’s Tent activities), if this is feasible. If they need to become members in order to do this, please let me know so I can convey this information to them.

    Thank you, and we are all looking forward to this event greatly!

    God bless,

    Karen White

    • wylin says:

      Hello Karen, good to hear from you, I don’t think they would need to become NCRA members just to camp but if they wanted to participate in the reenactment battles then it would be necessary to attain reenactor insurance or become NCRA members so that they would be covered under our liability insurance.

      Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

      Wylin Tjoelker NCRA Secretary

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