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The Roots of the Revolution

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  1. Karen White says:

    Hello Wylin, I attended last year’s festival with our daughter Laura,(who helped at the ticket tent), two grandchildren Ivan and Anna, another friend Beverly and her three boys and daughter Kristi, and our friend Pam, who helped at the ticket tent also. We all enjoyed the festival and meeting with everyone tremendously, as well as helping out a bit in the Children’s Village. This year we will be helping out as part of the official Children’s Village schedule, headed up by Sylvia of course.

    I wanted to ask you,(being the Dance-master I believe?), how you might feel about me including in our activities offered to children visiting the Children’s Village a simplified “Virginia Reel” dance, which I teach to the children at the school I work in at LaPush, Wa. I know you teach the period correct versions of many dances, and I have enjoyed trying them out for a bit when I had the time opportunity. This simplified version is pretty fast to present and teach, which would allow the kids to engage in Colonial type dancing when there are at least 6 children in the Village who are interested in learning this dance.

    If you feel this would be fine to present, I would be happy to bring the CD which accompanies the dance, and have it ready to go if the opportunity arises to teach it. I will be using the CD player to play actual Colonial tunes when we play Musical Chairs(stools!) with the children. We also used this CD to accompany us as my husband drove the truck, and I walked with Jane Ritchey and Vern down the 4th of July parade route in Forks. The crowd loved it, it was such happy, lively music! Please let me know if you feel fine about me teaching/presenting the simplified children’s version of the Reel, or if you would rather just present the actual, correct versions of dancing, outside of the Children’s Village. Either way is fine of course, but I wanted to check with you to see what you think of this idea.

    Thanks so much, and God bless you and yours, in Jesus’ mighty name,

    Karen White

  2. wylin says:

    Hello Karen,

    Thanks so much for your post! If I remember correctly we communicated about these same things via email before the festival but to follow up I want to express our enthusiastic appreciation for your excellent work and dancing with the children. I had an opportunity to watch your work with the children and I was exceedingly impressed!

    Thank you and all your family for your outstanding work and God bless you all in Jesus’ mighty name,

    Wylin Tjoelker

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